Could ‘Hypermiling’ Help You Cut the Cost of Petrol?


Cut the Cost of Petrol by ‘Hypermiling’

Could Hypermiling Help You Cut the Cost of Petrol Even Further 2You can’t have missed the fact that prices at the pumps are nose-diving at the moment.

Whatever the reason for this temporary dip in petrol prices, it’s important to remember that this won’t last forever. So is there any way to cut the cost of petrol and save yourself money without having to rely on fluctuating oil prices? Well, if you ask a ‘hypermiler’, they’ll probably tell you that yes, yes there is. Continue reading

The Secret 10 Minute Workout You Can Do from the Comfort of Home


Yes there is a 10 Minute Workout that works & you can do it from home!

Secret 10-Minute Workout You Can Do from the Comfort of HomeKeeping fit and active is difficult at any age, but for the over-50s there are often even more hurdles (if you’ll pardon the pun) to overcome.

But contrary to what lots of people think, keeping yourself fit and active doesn’t always mean needing to go to a gym three times a week. In fact with the 10 minute workout, you can enjoy a good, healthy level of fitness at home without the need of any gym equipment at all. Think it’s too good to be true? Continue reading

The Basics of Bitcoin: What’s the Fuss about Digital Currency?


What is Digital Currency & what are Bitcoins?

Small group of engraved golden Bitcoins on whiteOver the past year or two, there has been increasing media coverage of so-called digital currencies like Bitcoin. But it’s not always made clear in these discussion what bitcoin actually is, so the who conversation can be somewhat confusing. With that in mind, it seems to make sense to take some time to explain the basics of bitcoin, and why it has caused such a ripple across the world in recent times. Continue reading

Equity Release 101: What You Need to Know


Everything you need to know about Equity Release

Equity Release 101 What You Need to Know 2Whilst some people would have you believe that retirement is one long picnic, it’s not always that simple.

There are still a number of financial and personal pitfalls that you may encounter, with financial issues being of particular concern. With no active job, how can people facing financial crises expect to meet whatever the costs may be? Well, one option is equity release. Continue reading

All About LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

All you need to know about LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

All about LASIK laser eye surgeryIt’s a simple fact that almost all of us will have vision problems at some point in our lives.

One of the wonders of modern science and medicine is that we now have multiple different choices as to how we tackle these issues. For some, glasses or contact lenses are the way to go, whilst others may choose a more long-term solution that requires surgery. This latter option is what we’ll focus on in Continue reading